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Reipoltskirchen moated castle
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Schlossstr. 1, DE-67753, Reipoltskirchen
Reipoltskirchen, Pfälzer Bergland
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Built in the final third of the 12th century, the castle complex on the artificial hill surrounded by a circular wall does not look like a ruin, but rather like an inhabited castle due to the residential buildings dotted along the circular wall. A 17 metre high keep guards it and a wide ditch, where the water of the Odenbach is dammed, protects the romantic idyll.

The district of Kusel has spruced up the ancient walls and set up a restaurant and a painting school.
The historic structure has been painstakingly preserved and the keep made accessible again. And to bring life to the old walls, Restaurant zur Wasserburg was built in the main part of the castle.

The painting school is a new addition. Courses for all age groups, amateurs and advanced students are held here on a regular basis. The idea for the painting school came, albeit it indirectly, from a famous person, who was at least baptised in Reipoltskirchen in 1631, and perhaps even born there: Johann Heinrich Roos, referred to by his contemporaries as "the Raphael of cattle painters".
The moated castle is now considered an artistic focal point in the Kusel district thanks to the project "Kunst im Grünen" (Art in the country) and the sculpture trail.
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Die Burganlage ist ganzjährig frei zugänglich. Öffnungszeiten des Restaurants siehe
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