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Boxwood Walking Trail
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General information
On the steep hillsides of the Middle- and Lower Moselle, you can find - due to the mild climate - the most northerly presence of free nature common Boxwood in Europe. The in free nature appearing boxwood can be found in an area of approx. 300 hectares between Karden and Müden. On warm days a mediteranean scent can be smelled while strolling around through the vineyards.
Even today in the Moselle region the " palm branches " given out on Palm Sunday are gathered from Boxwood twigs; These are hung at home as a bouquet and are said to award God' s blessings.

Boxwood Walking trail ( Distance 4,1 KM )

The Boxwood Walking trail connects the village of Karden with that of Müden. Information boards at the beginning ( in Karden: at the end of the Burg Eltz road and in Müden at the Early Frankish Graveyard ) show the course of the trail.
There are four information boards along the route explaining the common boxwood, the flora and fauna, St. Castor and the terraced scenery of the Moselle river.
From Müden: The trail leads along a broad road through the vineyards and further along a small path to Krailsbach. Going uphill the trail leads into Karden.
Once you reached the grill hut, follow the small trail and proceed to Karden.
From Karden: Follow the narrow vineyards path upwards as far as the grill hut. Via forest roads and going uphill you will reach the Krailsbach. After that the stroll will be proceeded along narrow vineyard trails direction Müden.
You can return to your starting point by train.

Further walking suggestions are marked in red on the map. ( Route 2 - 5 )

Because the walking trail partly runs along narrow vineyard trails / rocky trails, it is advised to bring strong shoes, like boots, and to be in good walking condition.
Opening hours

Der Buchsbaum-Wanderpfad ist ganzjährig begehbar, jedoch sollte der Wanderweg nur bei trockener Witterung begangen werden. Bei Regen und Nässe ist eine Wanderung hier nicht zu empfehlen.
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