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Тел.: (0049)6531 97330
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Kanuverleih Campingpark Zell (Mosel)
Спорт и Отдых
экстремальные виды спорта,каноэ / байдарки,гребля
Am Moselufer, DE-56856, Zell-Kaimt
Zell, Zeller Land
Тел.: +49 6542 9612-16
Факс: +49 6542 9612-18
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Canoe rentalDiscover the Moselle in a very special way - on the water and with your own muscle power. Five canoes for up to three persons, two kayaks for two persons and three kayaks for one person are available for rent. Experience the Moselle individually or book a guided tour. A grear adventure for young and old! Return service on request.Information:
Campingpark Zell(Moselle)banks of the Moselle56856 Zell (Moselle)Phone: +49 6542 9612-16Fax: +49 6542 9612-18E-Mail: info@campingpark-zell.deHomepage:
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Campingpark Zell-Mosel
D-56856 Zell/Kaimt

Tel. +49 (0) 65 42 / 96 12 16
Fax +49 (0) 65 42 / 96 12 18

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