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Burg Reichenberg
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DE-56357, Reichenberg
Reichenberg, VG Loreley
Informazioni generali
Even if it’s relatively unknown nationwide due to its position in Hasenbachtal, Reichenberg Castle is one of the most important and most unusual castle complexes in the whole of Rhineland Palatinate. It has considerable fabric; many aspects of late mediaeval castle building can be deduced from this monument from the early 14th century. Especially the defining, Mannerist shield wall with the - for that time - unusually high flanking towers - the northern one only collapsed around 40 years ago - represents a special feature in castle-building of the late Middle Ages. Preserved to this day, the hall with its ceiling resting on cubiform capitals testifies to the high representative value of the complex. This is how the builders, Count Wilhelm von Katzenelnbogen and his son Wilhelm II created an architectural highlight. The ruin is in private ownership and can be visited from the outside only.
Orario d'apertura
Die Burg ist in Privatbesitz und leider nicht zu besichtigen.
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