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Sauerburg, DE-65391, Sauerthal
Sauerthal, VG Loreley
General information

Count Palatine Ruprecht I of the Palatinate received permission in 1355 from the Archbishop of Mainz to build one of the mightiest border strongholds in today’s World Heritage Site. Sauerberg Castle, which lies in a picturesque and isolated site by Sauerthal, stands out above all thanks to its handsome, 32-metre bergfried and high dividing wall with timber frame top. Despite the extensions and historicised upgrading in the 20th century, the complex has remarkable substance for monument protection. This is how it transmits an authentic image of a strong, late mediaeval to early modern age castle. 
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Die Burg befindet sich im Privatbesitz und ist nicht zu Besichtigungen geöffnet.
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